An Immersive New World Experience Like No Other!

The Future of Entertainment is here.  This cutting-edge venture offers three captivating sets of Multiplayer FreeRoam VR.

FreeRoam VR - Multiplayer

Unique Up to 8 players in the same Arena at the same time.

Even greater immersion with version 2.0 - no more Backpacks

Far Cry VR

Exclusive to Zero Latency co-developed with AAA developer - Ubisoft

FreeRoam VR Escape Rooms

Immersive Interactive mind-bending puzzles and navigate intricate mazes, fostering teamwork and creativity

Hero Zone

Fun - Social - Active - Repeatable

Arcade Style 15mins Experiences - Mix'n'Match

Adelaide XR Lounge

An exhilarating fusion of technology and entertainment 

in the limitless Mixed Reality world + Bar.

Have a drink with Us.